This is an offer for sale of the identified patent portfolio.  This presentation is not intended to provide notice for alleging patent infringement or knowledge of infringement for establishing willful infringement of any patent in this portfolio.  AT&T believes that the information contained in this presentation is accurate; however, it is the responsibility of the buyer to conduct their own market analysis and due diligence.  AT&T Intellectual Property makes no representation as to the applicability of these patents to any specific product, service or company.  Buyers should consult their own legal representative for guidance on these topics.

Portfolio statistics


The eCommerce portfolio is comprised of a small sub-set of AT&T patents focused on electronic commerce transaction cards, including:

  • Lost credit card notification
  • Customized transactional cards
  • Universal Magnetic Stripe Card


  • 5 patent families
  • 11 issued US Patents
  • Priority dates (1999-2006)

Conditions of Sale

Conditions of Sale

AT&T will entertain offers on the entire portfolio, or individual patent families.  Sales are contingent on execution of AT&T’s Patent Purchase Agreement.  Additional information can be obtained by contacting AT&T Intellectual Property (see below).  All inquires are confidential.


A mutual non-notice NDA is available to facilitate in-depth discussions related to the purchase of any patents. 

Contact Information

Jeanette Napp
Principle – Intellectual Property
[email protected]



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