At Philips, we believe innovation shapes our lives. That’s why we’ve been investing continually in new technologies for over 100 years. This has allowed us to create a substantial portfolio of intellectual property (IP). A portfolio that you can also benefit from by licensing it from us.

Philips IP&S is a leading industrial IP organization providing world-class IP solutions to Philips’ businesses to support their growth, competitiveness and profitability

Philips’ large portfolio of patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights can help by speeding up time-to-market, the breaking into entirely new markets, and reducing development costs

Philips IP&S provides all the tools and expertise needed to make the most of Philips’ intellectual property  in our designs, supported by a global network of IP professionals and staff

By licensing our IP and through collaboration, we find quicker solutions to problems and allow new, innovative technologies and products to be developed that will benefit people on a global scale