Active Digital Aura (ADA) Body Coupled Communication


ADA is based on the concept of capacitive body coupled-communication (BCC). When close to a user’s body, an ADA transceiver generates a “personal communication aura” – a low-energy electric field across the surface of the body. Information is encoded in variations in this aura, which can be detected by a receiver in a second ADA-enabled device. ADA is an extremely safe and clean technology. An ADA electric field is orders of magnitudes weaker than those from mobile phone. Sending power is less than 1 mW and, unlike with RF technologies such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, none of this energy is absorbed by the human body.


Key benefits

  • Simple communication between electronic devices
  • Easy to use - Devices only need to be touching or close to the body
  • Ultra-low power: less than 1 nJ/bit
  • Ready for industrialization and fast market introduction
    • Fully functioning and tested transceiver IC
    • Communication and security firmware
    • Initial application software
  • Clean tech
    • Sending power below 1 mW with no body absorption
    • No known regulations that impact applications


Status: R&D Phase




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