BeClear Speech Enhancement

Philips BeClear Speech Enhancement technology delivers crisp and clear premium voice quality. It enables relaxed and effortless communication for cutting edge voice applications including:

  • Hands-free voice calls in noisy environments
  • Long range voice control of Smart Home appliances
  • Effective use of smart phones as conferencing devices

BeClear is the result of Philips’ long history in audio signal processing. It is provided as a complete software library enabling easy porting to a DSP or MCU of choice. It is the ideal solution for all applications where voice quality is critical, for interfacing to a speech recognition engine, or both.

Premium voice quality

  • Patented unique de-reverberation producing superior voice clarity beyond 5 m distance
  • State-of-the-art multi-channel AEC maintaining full-duplex performance
  • Super-tracking beamforming, dynamic non-stationary and di use noise suppression maintains natural voice quality at long distances and in adverse acoustic environments
  • Scalable to super wideband (32 kHz sampling rate) and full-band (48 kHz sampling rate) voice
  • Far-end voice processing for improved near-end experience

Optimized processing for speech recognition systems

  • Separate output for speech recognition systems at minimal additional processing cost
  • 15% increase in voice control accuracy
  • Short integration time as BeClear does not require knowledge of a speech recognizer’s internal voice pre-processing

Fast time to market

  • Single software library enables applications ranging from mobile phones, speakerphones to long-range voice capture for voice control
  • Proven core algorithms can be easily tuned for new applications through a single parameter file

5 unique building blocks

Target audience:  Mobile, Smart Home, Automotive,

Use cases: Clear communication, clear voice recognition input


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