Plasma generating technology/patents

This technology and patents cover an atmospheric pressure plasma apparatus comprised of a porous electrode that allows the plasma to pass through the channel of the apparatus and does not require the treated surface to do so. This allows a larger surface to be treated. The device operates at ambient temperature and pressures to allow plasma to react with the surface of a material to modify it and prepare it for printing, gluing, soldering, reacting, bonding, coating, and deposition. Originally developed for potential use in medical sterilization, this is an un-used technology at Stryker.

Potential benefits

-Portable--smaller than other devices

-Energy efficient--requires less energy than other low temperature plasma emitters

-Greater surface area treated--novel design does not require the treated surface to pass through the channel

-Carrier gas free--can remain stable at ambient pressures without a carrier gas

Potential Applications

The main application is to modify the surfaces of materials to prepare them for further reaction, coating, or bonding. Other potential applications include:

-Decontaminating surfaces from microbes

-"Scrubbing" emissions from autos and industrial processes

-Treating volatile organic compounds in water and soil

Patent portfolio for sale

Publication Number Title Est. Expiration Date
US7098420 Electrode for use with atmospheric pressure plasma emitter apparatus and method for using the same 7/2/2022
US6923890 Chemical processing using non-thermal discharge plasma 3/20/2021
US6955794 Slot discharge non-thermal plasma apparatus and process for promoting chemical reaction 11/30/2021
JP2004535041 And methods of use thereof novel electrode of atmospheric pressure plasma irradiation apparatus for 7/1/2022
JP2005508738 Electrode discharge non thermal plasma device for preparing the combustion air (reactor) 8/2/2022
JP2007518543 Module type sterilization system 1/24/2025